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[NL] Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials Collection
03-20-2012, 06:29 AM
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[NL] Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials Collection
[center][Image: 084bb8555da73557a83490ccb94b9119.jpg]

Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials Collection | 7.52GB
Genre: Video Training

Total 4 Tutorails:
# Joey L Tutorial Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial - (Most AWESOME Photoshop DVD) [Series 1]
# Sessions with Joey L - Awesome Photoshop Interactive DVD Tutorial [Series 2]
# Total Training: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Essentials (2010) - Interactive Tutorial
1. Joey L Tutorial Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial a€“ (Most AWESOME Photoshop DVD)[/center]

In this package containing 2 hours of material, you will find:

Behind the scenes footage from many unique photo shoots covering an array of concepts and lighting situations, including detailed diagrams of the light set ups and props. Both studio lighting and simple techniques using standard reflectors are used. Narrated live screen capture of the editing process, describing in detail all my techniques step by step and how you can do them yourself. Even my granny can follow along, but I am confident there is something for everyone to learn.

Each technique is broken into individual lessons and within the lessons there are different example pictures. This makes sure that you fully understand the range the technique has to offer on individual photographs

A library of custom high resolution (12.7 mega pixel) grunge textures you can use in your own photos- cracks, aged paper, metallic scratches and abrasions, and some other gross stuff I cana€™t even identify! (But it sure looks neat). There are over 50 textures on the disk, and you can use them for whatever you desire.

Photoshop-loadable actions in which you can a€?playa€™ on your own pictures and follow along step by step as my preloaded techniques are applied to your photos


Painting Fantasy Portraits in Photoshop

# Getting Started
# Under Painting
# Begin Details
# Eye Details
# Eyelids
# Eyelashes
# Eyebrows
# Begin 2nd Eye
# Nose Details
# Nostril
# Mouth and Lips
# Neck and Feathers
# Base Highlights for Hair
# Continue Hair Highlights
# Starting the Headpiece
# Headpiece Highlights
# Headpiece Pearls/Details
# Ear Details
# Headpiece Chains/Finish

3. Sessions with Joey L - Awesome Photoshop Interactive DVD Tutorial

Joey shares his unique approach to lighting and Photoshop, and also provides a window into the business of the current photography industry that he broke into at the age of 16. Sessions With Joey L is more than just a tutorial DVD, it is a complete thought process. With educational material spanning nearly 4 hours in length, Joey provides insights into what ita€™s like having gone from the bottom to the top of an exclusive trade, and explains both the technical and personal skills one must develop to arrive there.

Detailing experiences ranging from a Forbes assignment in New York, to the jungles of Ethiopia, Sessions gives you the tools necessary to bring out and expose your own style to a wider audience and client base. Through Joeya€™s diverse and extensive lectures and tutorials, Joey shows that circumstance is not a factor and that these skills can be learned by all.

A photographer without a vision is simply a mathematician. Yet, a photographer who has a vision cannot release it without a knowledge of technicalities. Photography is technical as much as it is artistic, but both sides must be both fully understood to create memorable images.

This section is like sitting down one on one with Joey and geek talking, disecting some of his strategy when going into a photo shoot. Youa€™ll learn how to fully bring out your creative vision using lighting techniques, featuring both beginner and advanced setups. With real examples and in-depth explanations from a collection of Joeya€™s commercial and personal worka€¦ From the Jonas Brothers to the Mursi tribe.

Exclusive footage from Joeya€™s photo shoots showing the production, the critical interaction between subject and photographer and techniques of getting the most valuable imagery out of your day.

The videos give you a first hand intimate experience from start to finish of a pro photo shoot. Learn what goes into the real advertisements, magazines and CD artwork you see in stores.

Learn how Joey got a strong foothold in the industry, and continues to earn a living as a freelance photographer. Joey speaks boldly about what to do, and what to avoid when starting in the industry.

The formula for a successful portfolio based on years of reformatting and tweaking.

How to get your work seen by important clients and land commercial and editorial assignments. If your work is good but is not seen, ita€™s pointless. Dona€™t be lost among the thousands of other people out there calling themselves photographers.

Push and fine-tune your lighting to a new plateau with these new home-grown photoshop recipes.

4. Total Training: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Essentials (2010) - Interactive Tutorial

More than 6 hours of tutorials

Five New Features covered in this title:
1. The Refine Radius Tool
2. Content-aware healing and fills
3. The Mixer Brush
4. Live Workspace updates
5. Mini Bridge

Chapter 1: THE BIG PICTURE (35 min)
1. Pixels & Resolution
2. Color
3. Exploring the Interface
4. Choosing File Formats
5. Viewing & Navigating Images

Chapter 2: SETTING UP LIKE A PRO (22 min)
1. Setting User Preferences
2. Choosing Color Settings
3. Customizing the Workspace
4. Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
5. Using Rulers & Guides

Chapter 3: GLOBAL EDITING (31 min)
1. Understanding the Histogram & Levels
2. Learning the Curves Tool
3. Exploring Hue & Saturation
4. Cropping & Straightening
5. Adjusting Color Balance
6. Creating a Black & White Image

Chapter 4: MAKING SELECTIONS (21 min)
1. Manual Selection Tools
2. Using the Quick Selection Tool
3. Creating Color-Based Selections & Saving Selections

1. Using Adjustment Layers
2. Understanding Layer Masks
3. Creating Gradient Masks
4. Applying Layer Blend Modes
5. Snapshots & the History Brush

Chapter 6: THE FIXER-UPPER (26 min)
1. The Retouching Tools, including Content-Aware Fill
2. Removing Noise from an Image
3. Cloning with Perspective with the Vanishing Point Filter
4. Adjusting Perspective with the Lens Correction Filter
5. Content-Aware Scaling

Chapter 7: TYPE DESIGN (35 min)
1. Working with Type
2. Paragraph & Character Formatting Options
3. Typing on a Path
4. Applying Layer Styles to Type

Chapter 8: VECTORS, SHAPES & PATHS (22 min)
1. Vectors & the Shape Tools
2. Creating Paths
3. Saving & Loading Paths as Selections
4. Subtracting, Adding Intersecting, & Excluding

Chapter 9: SMART OBJECTS (16 min)
1. Vector Graphics as Smart Objects
2. Creating & Replacing Smart Objects
3. Creating Multiple Instances of a Smart Object
4. Smart Objects Deserve Smart Filters

Chapter 10: ADOBE BRIDGE (24 min)
1. Exploring the Workspace
2. Searching & Organizing Files
3. Leveraging Metadata
4. Outputting
5. Using Mini Bridge

Chapter 11: PHOTOSHOP CAMERA RAW (37 min)
1. Using the Basic Panel
2. Applying Selective Edits
3. Converting to Black & White
4. Repairing an Image

Chapter 12: IMAGE LAYERS & ALPHA CHANNELS (18 min)
1. Manipulating Image Layers
2. Mastering the Layers Panel
3. Creating Layer Groups & Comps

Chapter 13: COMPOSITING IMAGES (18 min)
1. Combining Images & Merging the Best Elements
2. Creating Panoramas
3. Auto-Aligning Layers
4. Refine Edges

Chapter 14: WORKING WITH BRUSHES (27 min)
1. Exploring the Brush Panel
2. Creating a Custom Brush
3. Changing Brush Dynamics
4. Painting with the Mixer Brush

Chapter 15: PRINT & WEB OUTPUT (18 min)
1. Sharpening Images with Smart Sharpen
2. Setting Up the Print Dialog Box
3. Saving for the Web
4. Credits
More Video Tutorials: downloadmoon.com

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