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Physics Textbooks for MIT
05-13-2012, 06:51 PM
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Netload Physics Textbooks for MIT
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Physics Textbooks for MIT (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Books : Textbook : English
Size: 1.05 GB

This is a (nearly) complete set of textbooks for MIT Physics courses from Spring of 2008 through the current semester. This includes both the open courseware courses (ocw.mit.edu) and the regular courses.

Some of the textbooks are in .DJVU format. The easiest way to convert these to .PDF format is to use a djvu viewer (e.g., WinDJView) and an application that allows you to create a virtual printer that creates pdf files (e.g., CutePDF).

If you're planning to use these textbooks for self-learning, please note that even course 8.001 expects you to have a firm foundation in calculus and some familiarity with differential equations.

http://www.netload.in/dateirEyTvFWIIg/mit physics.rar.htm

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